In Global Coaching Perspectives, January 2016 issue, I explain how to integrate nature and nurture in coaching. I also discuss how to overcome the “immunity to change” phenomenon by expanding one’s worldview through intercultural coaching and the use of the Cultural Orientations Framework assessment. See pages 37-44 of the magazine, which you can freely download here.    

Global Coaching Perspectives is the Association for Coaching Global Magazine, a publication for new, developing and master coaches and for those who support people development in workplaces worldwide. 


How can we take into account both what relates to nature, the personality type we are born with, and what pertains to nurture, the characteristics we have acquired along the way?

In this article, I will use a case study based on an executive I have coached to illustrate how we can go about doing that. I will provide some context by sharing a few words about a dynamic
conception of culture, about the Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) assessment, as well as about Robert Kegan’s Immunity to Change concept.

As you will find out, the COF assessment can be used to uncover hidden and limiting cultural assumptions and to help coachees replace these with more effective versions.

I will explore the interplay between the psychological and cultural perspectives, suggesting how to leverage the combination in coaching, making the most of diversity in
personality as well as culture.

To this end, I will also refer to a recent research project conducted by OPP with over 1,000 respondents using the MBTI and the COF in a large international sample.



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