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LCAC seminar in Zagreb, Croatia - Certification COF assessment, 15-17 November 2017

From Wednesday 15 November 2017
To Friday 17 November 2017

The acclaimed international "Leading and Coaching Across Cultures" seminar /certification Cultural Orientations Framework assessment will take place on 15-17 November 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia, in cooperation with Dina Zavrski-Makaric.

Please click here to download the brochure, with information about the seminar and how to enroll. We invite you to register as soon as possible to secure your participation. The number of places is limited !

This COF certification will allow you to take advantage of a completely new version of the COF assessment (currently in preparation): new design, new features, enhanced version!

* Preferred choice for many users
❝ We selected Rosinski’s COF as a conceptual framework and primary assessment tool for several reasons (cultural categories transcend typical categorization, team profile can be utilized for future initiatives, cost effectiveness…). Other models were considered, however the COF framework seemed particularly designed for coaches to have coaching conversations that facilitate leveraging cultural differences and creating new possibilities. ❞
Dr C Carr, PCC and L Seto, PCC (Canada),
International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring

* Reference in many books and articles
The COF model has been described in the books Coaching Across Cultures, which integrated coaching and interculturalism for the first time and has been published in 10 languages, and in Global Coaching. Both books have been praised by Harvard University. Appears also in Evidence Based Coaching Handbook, Excellence in Coaching, The Routledge Companion to International Business Coaching, The Coaching Relationship, 52 Activities for Successful International Relocation, Positive Psychology in Coaching, Best Practice in Performance Coaching, The Psychology of Coaching and Mentoring, and more.

* Different scope from traditional intercultural assessment tools
While still allowing comparison of individual profile with various national cultures, the COF assessment has a much broader scope. The COF assessment aims at helping individuals grow by learning from cultural differences of various kinds. Culture here consists of all the characteristics we have acquired along the way, by interacting with various groups of people and being part of different cultural groups (family, generation, profession, company, country, religion, etc.). The COF assessment can be viewed as an equivalent, at the cultural level, to a personality assessment such as the MBTI.

* Multidimensional and flexible
With its 17 dimensions (more can be added on a custom basis), the COF allows us to become aware of our inevitable biases (e.g., how we communicate, think, manage time, organize ourselves, deal with power and responsibility), and to go beyond potentially limiting norms, values and beliefs. The COF allows discovery of new options to increase versatility, creativity and effectiveness. Its underlying dynamic and inclusive view of culture, enables us to build unity in diversity by leveraging cultural differences.



Philippe is one of the best Thought Leaders in the field of intercultural knowledge. 

I have taken his "Coaching Across Cultures" Program and thought that is was amazing. His books are substantive, and his Assessment Tool is excellent. I only wish that he was closer to California. Kudos! 

Paula Swanson – USA
ESL Instructor at Stafford House with Own Management Consultancy

I have been using the COF assessment with groups of international master’s students for almost a year now and the feedback is very positive and encouraging. The students like how the profile allows them to link some of the classical models to themselves individually and also better navigate the similarities and differences in their project groups. All in all it is proving to be a very useful addition to the “Working Together” toolbox of my students. We have also just used the assessment on a first group of staff, academic and administrative, and the feedback was also very positive. A big thank you to Philippe for this interesting tool. 

Grant Douglas – France
Vice President SIETAR-France - Intercultural Communication at Lille Catholic University


We selected Rosinski’s Cultural Orientations Framework as a conceptual framework and primary assessment tool for several reasons: 

a)            It is designed for use by coaches 

b)           The cultural categories selected transcend typical categorization such as age, gender, ethnicity and this was aligned with our diversity strategy 

c)            The COF has a team profile that we can utilize for future initiatives 

d)           The training and assessment tool was cost effective 

Other models were considered, however the COF framework seemed particularly designed for coaches to have coaching conversations that facilitate leveraging cultural differences and creating new possibilities.

Dr. Catherine Carr, PCC & Lily Seto, PCC – Canada
International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, 2013

I had the pleasure to participate in Philippe`s Certification Workshop "Leading and Coaching Across Cultures" in Shanghai last month. With several other international coaches and HR specialists we experienced high qualified learning and exercising. Philippe is combining theory and pragmatic examples in a unique way. He is an expert in his field and connects in a wonderful way to his audience. I enjoyed every minute. After the course I read his book "Coaching across cultures". It offers a unique approach to us coaches (and all business leaders) on how to integrate different dimensions of culture in a broad sense into our work. Besides the theoretical background Philippe offers several examples to deepen the understanding as well as useful tips to make coaching even more effective. He has a unique use of language and the ability to combine the business context with psychology, literature, history and arts. What the book offers is far more than integrating culture into coaching - which already is a major task for an excellent coach. Philippe offers his deep experience in this field as concrete examples to the reader- I recommend his book to everyone who is looking for excellence in international coaching.

Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinski – China
Certified Executive Coach (PCC) and Leadership Facilitator at BAS-Coaching

Great seminar! I did it 3 years ago in London and learnt a massive amount... still working on it all -so interesting.

Jan Henson – France
Cross Cultural Executive Coach and Trainer





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